Responding to Crime Ranking Websites

Responding to Crime Rankings

“Kinston passes the eye test” said a citizen this morning. And most people see and feel the transformation that’s happening throughout our community. Downtown is experiencing a renaissance, utilities are about to be lowered and baseball is one “yes” away from coming back. However, continuing to spread through social media are a couple of websites who depict Kinston and many other communities in a negative light. Below is a series of communication between the City of Kinston and at least one website ( We have reached out to the Attorney General’s office to launch an investigation.

If you’re sick and tired of Kinston being unnecessarily drug through the mud, then please feel free to reach out to these contacts and let them know how you feel: – Nick Johnson – Founder – – 888-518-0167
Attorney General Roy Cooper – File a complaint

Responding to Crime Rankings

Letters – Responding to Ranking Cities by Crime Stats Websites

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